Our Charitable project in India

Extending our reach overseas…
The Shelter Progetto, India

A major part of our mission is to be able to make a difference in India, especially in the lives of children. This strikes a particular chord in us, being kids ourselves and living in very different circumstances. Thanks to the generous support of our community, we are able to do that.

Our pet project is providing orphans at a shelter in the outskirts of Gurgaon with a well-rounded education. In The Shelter Progetto India, 19 children are thriving thanks to the dedication of two people whose experience and inspiration came from working with Mother Theresa. An Italian woman named Sandra and a south Indian gentleman named Saaji have taken in 19 kids and provided them with a good education. Our goal is to equip them with what they need to be contributing members of society in the future . We would like to give these kids the opportunity to learn the skills they will need when they enter the workforce so they don’t end up taking menial jobs and wind up in the welfare cycle. We want them to be able to compete with their more fortunate counterparts . We want them to learn to use a computer…something we take for granted everyday. That’s when we decided to purchase 2 laptops for them along with a printer and we got them internet access as well. The difficult part was finding a teacher who was willing to travel to their remote location but we were finally able to arranged for one to give them lessons. As expected, they were fascinated with the devices and they were quite interested in learning how to use a computer. They look forward to the weekly lessons and their teacher is happy to report of their progress. Our hope is that some time in the near future, we can communicate with them over the internet and be able to mentor them and exchange views with them…just one kid to another.