Helping neighboring communities

Center for food Action

Each year DIA holds food drive and supports the local food bank center for food action. The food is distributed amongst people who need food. The Center for Food Action is an important community resource for those living in poverty.


Weekend Snackpack Program

Many children who receive free or reduced-price school meals are left without adequate nutrition on weekends and holiday breaks. This christmas DIA donated 557 meals to children in need. Each year around christmas DIA family collaborates with CFA to assembled packets of snacks to serve to the children on weekends.

Project Detroit

The law academy school located in the inner city of Detroit is one of the many schools in US which have a great building, a handful of teachers but the students do not have enough school supplies or have any funds for extracurricular activities. DIA funded their trip to Washington DC. Most of these kids had never been to downtown Detroit or sat in an airplane. DIA was able to take nearly 300 students to a play called “Beat the Streets,” about three men who grew up in the inner city and went on to be doctors. This was a great inspiration for the students, who face many of the same struggles and temptations. Because the school brought the largest number of students to the play, the company allowed them back at a discounted rate this year!

With the remainder of the money, they embarked on a truly life-changing weeklong trip to Washington, D.C. Twenty eighth-grade students, many of whom had never left Detroit, were able to experience their nation’s capital for the first time. They stayed at George Washington University – students’ first exposure to college! – and toured the Holocaust Museum, the Air and Space Museum, and the Capitol Building. We took a trip to the National Zoo and figured out the city by using the Metro (students’ first time on a subway!). That week opened students’ eyes to a world outside of their neighborhood, and they came back with a new perspective on what they need to do to improve their own communities.

Note from the school teacher Nikita: I cannot tell you how much we have appreciated the funds from DIA. Our goal as teachers is to do whatever it takes to expose our students to new experiences, and your contributions have helped us so much!

Donated Clothing, and furniture to setup homeless shelter

DIA collaborated with Sonrise Development of Englewood NJ. DIA donated shelves, clothing racs, tables, winter jackets to help support a homeless shelter which will serve as a safe haven for families in distress. Making a difference in your neighboring community is of core importance. Please visit