DIA sponsored the second screening camp for children and adults with disability in the ‘A’ Ward area on Saturday, 24th September, 2011 at ADAPT’s Afghan Church centre.

The Camp:

The ground floor of ADAPT’s centre was transformed into the screening camp. Screening for different disabilities was held in the classrooms of the centre. A large room was allotted for registration and the administering of the 10 point questionnaire developed by the WHO by our community workers. The Special Educational and Health Needs Coordinators checked these and directed the children/adults to the relevant screenings. A general health check up was carried out for ALL attending the camp.

The other screenings conducted were for the following:

 visual impairment;

 hearing impairment (including audiology and ENT checkups);

 physical and motor impairments;

 speech and language difficulties.

A social audit and interview was also conducted to understand the needs of the stakeholders (children with disability, parents and siblings).

Ruma Kirtikar, a disabled activist and Veena Daifule a parent of a young adult with intellectual impairment met with parents and older persons with disability to apprise them of the concessions available to persons with disability. The group had earlier administered a questionnaire and distributed pamphlets in Hindi and Marathi in the community on the benefits of obtaining a disability certificate. This is the next step to creating a Disabled Persons Organisation in the slum community. The Group hopes to hold an empowerment course to empower persons with disability and their families to fight for their rights.


40 persons with disability attended the screening camp on the 24th of September. Of these, 19 were male and 21 females. We had 2 infants in the age group of 0-2 years; 6 in the 3-5 age group, 18 in the 6-14, 17 in the 5-17, 5 in the 18-30 and 4 were over 30 years of age.

All the details of these are available as are the screening templates followed by our partners.

Some photographs are given below: