Literacy & Learning

Going to school everyday is something we all take for granted. But for some children, it is a far away dream. Such is the case of 4 children whose father is destitute. Their mother works hard to earn for the family but sadly, as household help, she cannot afford to send her children to school. So we stepped in and helped put these 4 children through grade school. We also provided them with uniforms, books and supplies.
Today, they are thriving and have something to look forward to everyday. Most of all, they have hope for a brighter future.
Bharat the oldest sibline is now 17 years old. He has two brothers Rohan 15, and Gautam 12, along with a sister naina who is 9 years of age. DIA is grateful for the donations that facilitates education, uniform and stationary for these four children since January of 2012. This was the beginning of finding out that there were so many families that were in the same situation. 

DIA sends children like these each year to school. The fees is paid directly to school and DIA gets to view their progress report. DIA director, Priya meets the families, makes sure that the family is in need and then enroll the child to school. 

It started with 4 children, today we have 26 children studying in Karachi, 80 children in Delhi, 60 in Maharashtra and so many more children have been touched by DIA by our various charitable initiatives.